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OneRedCat Media

Helping You Find Your Place Online
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Need Help Getting Your Idea Off The Ground? Want To Take Your Existing Business To The Next Level?

But What Exactly Do You Do?

At OneRedCat Media, we help businesses find their place online.

Ok. So. What does that mean?

We provide a variety of digital and organizational services to businesses looking to make the shift to a more productive future. This includes website strategy and development, social media strategy and coaching, and organizational and productivity coaching and training. Essentially, if there’s something that can be done to move your business forward, that’s what we do.

First Steps

Planning & Implementation

Have a great idea and need help putting it into action? We’ll help you get your plan and brand in place, and get things rolling on the web and beyond.

Moving Forward

Growth Marketing

Want to take your efforts to the next level? We’ll walk you through solidfying your brand and establishing growth goals. 

Getting Stable

Workflow & Productivity

Not sure where to put your effort and resources? We’ll help you design your organization around a successful workflow management concept and ensure your efforts aren’t going to waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Have You Been Doing This?

OneRedCat Media has been helping businesses find their place online for 10 years. During that time we’ve build close to 100 websites and helped dozens of brands develop their online identities.

What Social Platforms Do You Work With?

We’ve helped brands develop their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles, and create and curate content that drives engagement and conversion.

Do You Build Squarespace Sites?

Nope. All of our sites are built using WordPress. 

Do You Manage Our Social Media For Us?

Generally no. Social media is time-consuming but it’s also intensely personal. We help provide you with the knowledge and skills required to make the most of your social media presence and help empower you to make it happen. If you absolutely need someone else to manage your social media feeds, talk to us and we can make some magic happen.

How Much Does It All Cost?

All of our builds, designs, and support services are tailored for YOU. They’re based on what YOU need and how WE can help. “Ok…but what’s a ballpark price?” Yes. It’s in a ballpark. We’ll tell you WHAT ballpark once we’ve fully scoped out your project.