Web Development

Find Your Place On The Web

From Scratch

Want to start at square one? Need someone to help you plan and execute your vision for your online home? We can help you go from “great idea” to “successful launch”.


Not happy with what your current site is doing for you or how it makes you look? We can help you redesign and relaunch so that your site says what you want it to.

Site Audits

Want to know what’s right with your site and what’s wrong? We can provide you with a detailed audit with good, better, best insights as well as actionable advice.

Realize Your Vision

Not sure how to take what you want and bring it to the web? We can help you ideate and develop content, organize assets and get everything looking freshly pressed so that your online presence looks and feels the way you want it to.

Recent Builds

Fun Facts


People who cite design as a reason they don't trust certain websites


People who cite beautiful design as a reason to read content

Seconds is the attention span of a human (goldfish is 9)


People who believe a bad mobile site is a sign of bad business

A Few Thoughts on Web


Sometimes I love the serendipity that’s involved in discovering new artists. The rise of streaming audio has helped this immensely. At one point, one of my friends recommended that I listen to Hamilton: The Broadway Musical. They thought that I might like the...

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We’re All Lazy Bums and The Internet is The Worst

I always thought the Internet would look a lot better than it does. I mean, I thought we’d have jetpacks and transporters so maybe I’m not the most reliable person to be basing your vision of the future on. But I always thought the Internet would look a lot better...

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On The Importance of Web Traffic

One of the things that we’ve worked with our clients on lately is the idea of understanding web traffic. So often we’re asked to build a new site where the client has no idea how effective their current site actually is. Now in most cases, it’s pretty easy to identify...

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We're proud to partner with interesting humans doing exciting things.

“In this world where the majority of our customers live online and they’re constantly prompted to click on different ads and go to different websites, it’s hard for you to not only find your place online but PROVE to your customers that you are worth it. We used to go door to door, farmers markets, and even walk the streets of Halifax trying to gain customers.  Since working with OneRedCat we’ve noticed how not only local companies, but also nationwide names have begun to approach us after seeing the amazing work that we’ve done. ” - Square Roots Food

Let’s Spin Some Webs

Want to get started building something incredible? Need some help figuring how to navigate the world wide web. 

We’ll take your site from zero to sixty and help you ensure that your presence on the web matches your personal and professional sensibilities.