From single page portfolios to more complex corporate projects, OneRedCat offers its clients the opportunity to realize their dreams online. We work with you to take your vision and turn it into a reality. We utilize multiple platforms in order to provide you with the most complete web development experience possible. We can help design content, provide layout options and support you through the entire process.

Our mission is to design fun and functional, responsive websites focused on balancing premium content with an enjoyable user experience. Whether it’s a redesign with an existing brand identity or you’re starting from scratch, our team will make sure that the site we build represents you and your organization.

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Our Thoughts On All Things Web

Eventually, You’ll Learn To Hate Everything

Sometimes it’s helpful to walk away from something so that you can let it breathe. Sometimes you’re too involved with a piece of writing or a work of art or a website, or whatever to value it properly. And so, when you walk away from it, you’ll gain some perspective....

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Call Me, Maybe

I was chatting today with a friend about a recent site launch for her company. I helped walk her through some of the difficulties surrounding a very adventurous development plan including working with two different developers for front end vs back end. Upon launch,...

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We’re All Lazy Bums & The Internet is The Worst

I always thought the Internet would look a lot better than it does. I mean, I thought we’d have jetpacks and transporters so maybe I’m not the most reliable person to be basing your vision of the future on. But I always thought the Internet would look a lot better...

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