We believe that social media marketing is best carried out with honesty and integrity. This is why our training and management services focus on developing a clear strategy that is both functional and practical. We provide technical training in various apps for desktop and iOS as well as training on various social media platforms.

We develop and launch social campaigns focused on engaging content and developing relationships across multiple platforms.


It’s all well and good to tell you that we’ll improve your social media presence, but how exactly do we do that?

  • We start with an audit of your current social media activity.

  • We’ll look at how you’re engaging and with whom and determine what sorts of activities have been most successful for you and your brand.

  • Once we’ve determined where you are, we’ll establish goals for where we want you to be using engagement and community based KPIs.

  • From there we will establish a social media strategy and either implement that strategy or provide you with the tools and training to implement it yourself.

For those interested in stepping away from social media while still growing their brand, we offer social media management including helping you grow followers and engagement through practical content.

Our Thoughts On All Things Social

Your Fake Muscle Shirt Looks Stupid

The other day I was driving past an apartment building that I used to live in. It wasn’t an overly nice apartment building and it’s not in a fantastic area (I once interviewed about what I thought of the murder that happened on my front lawn) but I actually really...

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3 Things We Learned From Social Media Audits

I find it really interesting how projects come and go. I find that I’ll spend several months working SOLELY on websites and then I’ll spend several weeks ONLY working on content, and so on. When the work comes, it just sort of comes. Lately, most of the work I’ve done...

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Do I Care If Anyone Likes Me? Short Answer? No.

A few months back I was speaking at a bloggers conference about content ideation. Basically, my entire session was on how you can come up with ideas for your blog and then how you can act on those ideas in your writing. It was a lot of fun. At one point, I asked if...

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