Podcasting L&L

All The Stuff You Forgot Since We Talked

First, Thank You

My goal with this event was to help individuals and businesses take the next step in their digital media game by mastering (or at least mastering the idea of mastering) podcasting.

Since we talked about a LOT, I thought I would give you some simple links to some of the services and concepts that we talked about.


So Here Goes!

Want to know what physical tools people use to record their podcasts?

I use Airpods OR the Shure MV88

Podcast Hosts
Who should host your podcast? Here’s a list of 8 of the best.

PERSONALLY, I really like Anchor

Things To Remember
Hubspot put out an EXCELLENT piece on how to get started podcasting.

Here are my thoughts.


Here are the two locals doing a great job with podcast production.

And Here’s a Copy of The Presentation You Didn’t Technically See

Fun Facts

Things you may not know about podcasting.


People who visit a podcast sponsors 'site


Of all US homes listen to podcasts regularly


Have listened for less than 3 years


Increase in Podcast listening last year

Let’s Work Together

Need a little more help? Want some advice on the what and the how (and the why) for podcasting?

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