The Rise of The (Grocery Store) Machines

I love shopping at Sobeys. My local store knows me and my kids by name, they know about what we’re up to. They give us stickers and balloons and hugs and everything that really brings the experience up a notch. The food is great. The staff is friendly and all is well. Except those stupid self-service machines.

Now you might ask, “if you hate the machines so much, and you love the people so much, why do you use the machines?” It’s simple. I have kids. I’m in a rush. I need to get in and get out and nothing allows you to do that like the self-serve kiosk. NOW, there are a couple of superstar cashiers that I will ALWAYS go to because they’re quick, but if you have kids, you know that you need to get in and get out. Now, back to these machines.


Ad Blockers: It’s a Guy In A Chicken Suit Selling You Cars

This is the first of many pieces that was written by myself and my partner, Jamie Gerrard.

“The other night I did something that I haven’t done in a decade. I did something that I never thought I would have to do ever again. I did something that I never wanted to do ever again. I installed an ad blocker. Everyone is installing ad blockers. It’s not that I’m appalled at the ads that I’m seeing. Rather, I’m overwhelmed by the sheer volume of ads that permeate the web. They bring websites to their knees and reduce browsing speed to a crawl. More than anything, they’re just no fun from a user experience standpoint.” This is the gist of a series of text messages I received from Jamie at 7:30am last week. Jamie and I agreed. No one is enjoying waiting for ads to run their course or clicking on unlimited x’s or scrolling up to see why the entire page they were viewing is now grayed out. So if no one likes this sea of advertising, why are there so many ads? There is plenty of blame to go around. Let’s talk first about why we see this and then how we can fix the problem.