Loyalty Departments Are Garbage

Recently I was delivering a couple of master classes at the Starting Point Entrepreneurship Conference at Saint Mary’s University. I taught two classes, one on meetings and one on team development and at one point during my second class, one of the participants piped up and said, “you really hate businesses, don’t you?”

I mean…hate is a strong word.


Tough Customers

Do you remember the toughest that you’ve ever had? What made them tough? Were the unreasonable? Indecisive? Rude? I remember my toughest customer. She’s demanding, relentless, quick to change her mind and unreasonable. She’s been with me around two years and I suspect that she’ll be with me much longer. She’s my daughter and according[…]

It’s All About Expectations

One of the things that I’ve prided myself on over my career as a consultant is turnaround time. I’ve always been very aggressive with timelines because as I was attempting to enter the industry, expedient service was the only ace up my sleeve. Sure, I had experience working with people and I felt like the services I was offering were solid but I hung my hat on my ability to deliver in a very short period of time. But over the last half decade, I’ve learned something incredibly important. The due date you provide to your clients is ENTIRELY pointless if you don’t hit it.


The Rise of The (Grocery Store) Machines

I love shopping at Sobeys. My local store knows me and my kids by name, they know about what we’re up to. They give us stickers and balloons and hugs and everything that really brings the experience up a notch. The food is great. The staff is friendly and all is well. Except those stupid self-service machines.

Now you might ask, “if you hate the machines so much, and you love the people so much, why do you use the machines?” It’s simple. I have kids. I’m in a rush. I need to get in and get out and nothing allows you to do that like the self-serve kiosk. NOW, there are a couple of superstar cashiers that I will ALWAYS go to because they’re quick, but if you have kids, you know that you need to get in and get out. Now, back to these machines.


Call Me, Maybe

I was chatting today with a friend about a recent site launch for her company. I helped walk her through some of the difficulties surrounding a very adventurous development plan including working with two different developers for front end vs back end. Upon launch, there were a few things that I suggested should be changed from a user experience standpoint and she told me she was contacting the developers to have them fix it. She said that, “she hoped they would even see the email.” I asked her if hearing back from them had been an issue and she said that that was the case with them and several others. I have but one question; what in the hell is wrong with people?


How Much Does a Bottle of Pop Cost?

When’s the last time you saw or heard an ad for something and then bought it. If you don’t include events, something that literally requires very specific advertising, when is the last time you started up YouTube and thought “that’s a hell of an idea, I think I’ll buy that?” When is the last time you were watching TV (is that even still a thing) and thought “I think I’ll stop watching NCIS: Los Angeles and go buy that thing?” The answer is, you haven’t. Ever.


The Fire Alarm: Sometimes Bad Is Good

My family frequent farmer’s markets. We eat a lot of local, organic vegetables and we really love the people of the market. Well, I love most of the people of the market. The people that block aisles? Those people can wander off before I murder someone but everyone else is cool. We really love getting to know the various vendors and some of them have come to be friends and important parts of our life. One of those people is Kevin from Oakview Farms.


You’ll Never See My Best Work

I’m a bit of a Kevin Smith fan. He’s written and directed some of my all time favourite films including Chasing Amy, Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma…ok…so all of them. But probably my favourite piece of his is An Evening With Kevin Smith. AEWKS is a college campus tour where Kevin took questions from the crowd and answered them using incredibly interesting and funny stories. From his experiences writing a Superman script that will never be to his ongoing feud with Tim Burton, it’s 3 hours of pure amazing that culminates in a story about Prince.