And Eventually The World Will Change…

I like hip hop. I’m an overweight middle-aged white dude so I’m basically the target market, at least according to Apple Music. And being that I’m an overweight middle-aged white dude, two of my favorite rappers are Eminem and Macklemore. I get it. I’m a walking cliché.

But there’s a particular Macklemore lyrics that I really love. It’s everything I believe in when it comes to community and workmanship.

“Don’t try to change the world, find something that you love and do it every day.
Do that for the rest of your life and eventually the world will change.”


Love Thy Neighbors: Group Work

Lately, I’ve become involved with a number of organizations both as a partner and as a founder. I’m helping organize two major local conferences and am in the process of working with a small team to launch a charity. I’m also part of an informal organizing and marketing team for my local neighborhood association. It’s a lot of groups. And being a part of these groups has led me to a very important realization. Making decision with a group is really hard. But it’s still possible. Here’s how.


Call Me, Maybe

I was chatting today with a friend about a recent site launch for her company. I helped walk her through some of the difficulties surrounding a very adventurous development plan including working with two different developers for front end vs back end. Upon launch, there were a few things that I suggested should be changed from a user experience standpoint and she told me she was contacting the developers to have them fix it. She said that, “she hoped they would even see the email.” I asked her if hearing back from them had been an issue and she said that that was the case with them and several others. I have but one question; what in the hell is wrong with people?


Up Periscope

A ways back I was part of a Twitter chat about an event called BlogJam. If you didn’t come check out the event, here’s a bit of a review that I wrote. The event was designed to bring together bloggers of every sort and share our combined knowledge to create an army of talented and knowledgeable bloggers. I was OVER the moon excited. But during the chat, a few people brought up something that I had NO interest in talking about, learning about, or being involved in; Periscope. For those of you that live in a bubble and don’t know what Periscope is, it’s a free app that connects with Twitter and allows you to stream live video. Now, conceptually, I was very excited about Periscope (see also Meerkat) but what I had seen, in general, was incredibly poor execution. For me, the idea of live video was very interesting due to the fact that you could share such a wide array of ideas in new and interesting ways. But most people used it for the silliest things that I’d seen. I actually (briefly) watched one “scope” that was someone running…in the dark… But I listened closely to what some of the users had to say. And now I’m addicted.


Pretty Fly For a White Guy

Yesterday I sent out a newsletter featuring some of the newest articles I’d written, a new eBook I just published and a few videos that I really liked. I got messages from a few people. “Nice article.” “Enjoyed that video.” “Can’t wait to read the eBook.” I felt pretty good about myself. And then I got this message.

“Mike – thanks for the newsletter – I like reading about what you’re up to. One thing – every stock photo in the newsletter is of white people, mostly men…. Just sayin.”


Pivot: OneRedCat Does Something Totally New. A VERY long read.

Five years ago I really thought I had it all figured out. We were going to have a baby. I was going to take paternity leave and upon my return I was going to be named general manager for the computer shop I was working at. I really enjoyed my job. It was the first job that I can really say that I pretty much always enjoyed. I can’t say that about my time with as a federal or provincial government employee. I can’t say that about my gig with a national stationary retailer. I can’t say that about my gig as a manager and trainer for global leader in call centers. I couldn’t say that about any of the little jobs I worked here or there in between, but I really, truly enjoyed going to work every day. I was really excited when I went to dinner with the owner of the business one night because the current manager had all but assured me that I was going to be named the new manager. And that’s when he told me that he was closing up shop and shutting down the business.