Go Beyond The Logo

Business Identity

Not sure your name means what you think it means? Starting fresh and want to make a name for yourself? We help brands pick the name that says all the right things to all the right people.

Branding Guidelines

Not sure how to apply your current branding design to your web, social, and content startegy? We assist in developing clear, actionable branding guidelines to help keep it consistent.

Logo Development

Need a fresh look? Whether you’re starting from zero or pivoting from an old and busted design, we can help develop an icon that says the right things to your team and potential clients.

Want Your Brand To Talk Your Talk

We can help you identify what you need to to do in order to make sure that the image you portray, across every platform, is the image that you want to portray. 

A picture says a thousand words.

Make sure they’re the right words.

Fun Facts

Why Is Branding So Important?


B2B Businesses with Brand Awareness as their Primary Goal


Revenue increase attributed to consistent branding


Increases brand recognition due to colour.


People who expect consistent branding across platforms

A Few Thoughts on Branding

Burger for Burgers Sake

I enjoy the occasional burger. That may be an understatement. Not the occasional part. That’s true. It’s the enjoy part. I don’t enjoy the occasional burger. I absolutely love the occasional burger. Now while I prefer locally sourced, grass fed beef from cows that...

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Pokemon Has Shitty Onboarding

I’d like to talk to you about a small indie game that you may not have heard of. It’s started to catch on a little bit and I think that if they can do a good enough job marketing, they might finally get somewhere. Perhaps, if you’ve really got your ear to the ground,...

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A Picture Is Worth a Few Words

Need help telling your story through strong visual brand recognition? 

We can help.