We help create a lasting statement for your brand through logo design and branding guides designed to help you maintain brand clarity. One of the biggest issues facing brands is an inability to remain consistent. They’ve got this person handling Facebook while another person updates the website and some company from somewhere else handling customer service and yet another somebody managing Twitter. Without clear guidelines, it becomes very easy to lose track of how you want your brand to look, sound and feel. We help you define yourself and make sure that you have the tools to share that vision across multiple platforms.

This is completed through extensive discovery and by really digging in to who you are, who your clients are and how you can bring those two groups together. So whether you’re looking to refresh an existing logo or you need to build your brand from scratch, our team will make the process clear, concise and (relatively) pain free.

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Whether you have a business idea in your head or you’ve already hit the ground running, effective branding helps get you noticed and delivers a consistent message to your clients, future and present. 

So let’s get started building your business through effective visual storytelling. 

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There are entirely too many flavours of chips. There. I said it. I’m not suggesting that chips aren’t the greatest thing on the planet. I’m really not. I believe they might just be made of unicorn wishes and fairy dust. But there are entirely too many flavours of...

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Over 100 Items and Still Nothing Worth Eating

Have you ever been to a restaurant where the menu is one of those giant laminated menus with twelve sections ranging from pasta to burgers to “home cooking”? It’s a tri-fold menu with more than 100 hundred items. Specifically, they brag about having SO many menu...

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