Find The Love

A few years ago I saw a preview for this movie. It looked great and I noticed that it was based on a book. So I decided to pick up the book and give it a read. I went on to read almost anything Dan Millman ever wrote, starting with The Way of The Peaceful Warrior. Since that point, I’ve always said that it is the way I would live my life if I weren’t so lazy.


Treat People Like People

I’m going to start by saying that this post is going to be a little different than most. It’s not about productivity, It’s not about entrepreneurship. It’s about people. It’s about the way we treat people. It’s about how we can treat people better and what would happen if we did. And it’s about very, very rich people and very, very poor people. It’s important to note that both groups are people.


The Great Twitter Cull

“I ain’t no follow back guuuuurl, I ain’t no follow back” – Gwen Stefani

I hate #TeamFollowback. Hate. With all of my soul. It is, to me, the absolute dumbest thing I’ve ever encountered on social media except for MAYBE automated direct messages. I remember when I started on Twitter, I was so excited to have new followers that every time that someone followed me, I followed them back. And when I was trying to get more followers, I would follow these accounts that said they followed back because it just seemed like it made sense to me. I mean, obviously the point of Twitter is just to amass more followers. Right?


Duct Tape is Not a Strategy

If you’re a good Canadian like myself, you probably know who I’m talking about when I say Red Green. If you don’t, stop…google it…come one back. One of the tenets of the Red Green Show was that duct tape could fix just about anything and I believe that to be pretty true, to a point. Let me tell you a little bit about my sofa.


Up Periscope

A ways back I was part of a Twitter chat about an event called BlogJam. If you didn’t come check out the event, here’s a bit of a review that I wrote. The event was designed to bring together bloggers of every sort and share our combined knowledge to create an army of talented and knowledgeable bloggers. I was OVER the moon excited. But during the chat, a few people brought up something that I had NO interest in talking about, learning about, or being involved in; Periscope. For those of you that live in a bubble and don’t know what Periscope is, it’s a free app that connects with Twitter and allows you to stream live video. Now, conceptually, I was very excited about Periscope (see also Meerkat) but what I had seen, in general, was incredibly poor execution. For me, the idea of live video was very interesting due to the fact that you could share such a wide array of ideas in new and interesting ways. But most people used it for the silliest things that I’d seen. I actually (briefly) watched one “scope” that was someone running…in the dark… But I listened closely to what some of the users had to say. And now I’m addicted.


Pretty Fly For a White Guy

Yesterday I sent out a newsletter featuring some of the newest articles I’d written, a new eBook I just published and a few videos that I really liked. I got messages from a few people. “Nice article.” “Enjoyed that video.” “Can’t wait to read the eBook.” I felt pretty good about myself. And then I got this message.

“Mike – thanks for the newsletter – I like reading about what you’re up to. One thing – every stock photo in the newsletter is of white people, mostly men…. Just sayin.”


The Big ‘Mo

I’m a big believer in momentum. I think momentum might be the single most important thing in every aspect of our life. Oh, also I exaggerate. Whether you’re talking about fitness or business or your love life, the laws surrounding inertia are powerful. Objects that are in motion stay in motion and objects that are at rest stay at rest, unless impacted by an external force. What does that actually mean?


Remember Blanket Forts?

One of my favorite things to do is to find connections in seemingly unconnected things. In particular, in relation to parenting or my day-to-day activities, I like to think about how things relate to business. In general, I believe that life imitates business and business imitates life. Business is a collection of moments and interactions that is not unlike our daily interactions with our friends, our family or our children. And that’s why I want to talk to you about blanket forts.


My Tattoo Sucks: Ask Questions

I have one single terrible tattoo. For the second time on this blog, I’ll have incredible comedian Chris Porter explain what I mean;

“Grandpa, what’s your tattoo mean?”

“It’s a tribal tattoo.”

“What tribe are you in?”

“I’m in the tribe of guys that had $150 to blow in the mid 90’s.”

I picked my tattoo off of a wall. Don’t worry, I just heard everyone who knows anything about tattoos cringe. In addition to that, I knew nothing about the “artist” and she just about killed me.


Five Problems With Social Media: A Lesson in False Assumptions

I’ve been using a series of writing prompts to write some of these recent blog posts. I’m helping a friend stay committed to doing the same even though content ideation has never been a struggle of mine. In any case, the very first one in the list is “Five Problems with Social Media.” I first started this by identifying the various things that I thought were wrong with social media but I came to a startling conclusion; there’s nothing wrong with social media… *waits for the onslaught of people who tweet at him that he has no idea what he’s talking about…