I’m Just Not That Into You: The Power of No

Most of us work jobs where we’re used to saying yes to pretty much everything. Meeting request? Yes. Mandatory overtime? Yes. Expanded job duties? Yes. We’re so used to saying yes that we don’t stop to think about what we’re doing. For those that have “real” jobs, you might feel like it’s not possible for you to say no. Trust me, it is. For those that work in freelance, it’s very easy, incredibly therapeutic and often a hell of a lot of fun to say know. Let’s start with the fun stuff; saying no to potential clients.

I get it. You have bills. You have responsibilities. Lisa needs braces. Dental plan. But I’m here to tell you that not only will saying no NOT hurt your bottom line, it can actually improve it. How can turning down business be good for business? Let me explain.


The Fire Alarm: Sometimes Bad Is Good

My family frequent farmer’s markets. We eat a lot of local, organic vegetables and we really love the people of the market. Well, I love most of the people of the market. The people that block aisles? Those people can wander off before I murder someone but everyone else is cool. We really love getting to know the various vendors and some of them have come to be friends and important parts of our life. One of those people is Kevin from Oakview Farms.


This Damned To Do List: Goal Setting

As most of you probably know, I’ve recently taken the jump from “guy who provides a lot of people advice on a pretty regular business” to “life/business coach”. First, I hate the nomenclature. “Life coach” sounds so cheesy. I hate the term, but I love the work. Helping people achieve their goals; seeing people succeed is such an incredible feeling when you know that you’ve had a hand in it. And over time, you start to see some pretty obvious patterns in people’s lives. Right now, I’m going to talk about two; goal setting and habits.


I’m Pregnant…Sort Of

I’m pregnant. Ok. Well, not like ACTUALLY pregnant. What I REALLY mean is that I have a whole bunch of things inside of me and I have 9 months to get them out. Ok. I probably need to explain. Today, the power went out at my house…for 7 hours. During this time my phone DIED, my laptop DIED, my iPad DIED and the book I wanted to read was in my sleeping daughter’s room. The only thing left within my grasp was the moleskin notebook that I bought last year for notes and ideas and stuff. This turned out to be fortuitous.



The Myth of the Ideal Client

Have you ever been to a networking group? I love networking groups. Mostly because they’re always at breakfast time and I love breakfast. In particular, I love Smitty’s breakfasts because Smitty’s has a skillet made almost entirely of meat and THEN you can get a side of sausage. I am part time vegan but when I’m not vegan, I’m REALLY not vegan. There are lots of other things I love about networking groups. It’s very interesting to meet people from a variety of fields and to hear about their wins and losses, pleasures and pains. It is a great lesson in human behavior and if you listen carefully, you’ll learn a LOT. But there is one question that is asked at networking group after networking group that drives me bonkers.

“Who Is Your Ideal Client?”