Stop Saying You’re Living And Live

Recently, my son started playing soccer. Now, I use the words “playing” and “soccer” loosely because it’s semi-organized chaos. It’s two high school kids chasing around a dozen miniature humans and trying to get them to kick a soccer ball, something that they would absolutely do, unless you actually wanted them to. My son is pretty intense but seems to focus relatively well in these settings. It seems that he really enjoys authority figures as long as that authority figure isn’t me. But I digress. This weekend at soccer, my son repeatedly came over to the sidelines where I sat with the other parents and yelled, aggressively and happily, “Daddy I’m having so much fun”. Fine. Then why are you over here talking to me and not playing soccer?


The Key To Everything Is Hustle

I’m a huge fan of collaboration. I’m also a big fan of sharing your knowledge. It turns out that even before I worked for an inbound marketing company, I had an inbound state of mind. I believe that if you share everything you have and everything you are with the people that are around you, good things will happen to you. I don’t really believe in karma, per se, but I do believe that when you are great to people, people will generally return the favor. And when you build a reputation on being helpful and supportive, that reputation will translate into business. Enter Ross Simmonds.

Unfiltered Brewing: Join The Fucking Club. Truth In Advertising

Lately I’ve been really interested in company culture. I’ve been incredibly lucky in that my last several posts have been with companies that value, above all else, honesty and integrity. My last three job interviews were all casual and informal and involved discussions about poker, beer and video games and I’ve been offered anything from a sandwich to a beer during those discussions. But most importantly, that atmosphere has carried over from the interview process to the actual position. Many companies will wine and dine you and then put you in the basement while you ask for you red stapler back. That’s the difference between a good company and a bad company. Does your branding and your bravado match who you really are? In the case of Halifax’s newest micro-brewery, Unfiltered Brewing, the answer is a resounding “fuck yeah”.


Supportive People Are The Devil. No. Really.

Do you have a friend who is too supportive? If you don’t think there is such a thing, you’re wrong. So wrong. I’m not talking about a friend who provides you with the support to make the right decision through a complex consideration process. I’m talking about the friend who says “yeah…that sounds awesome” to every single thing that you ever say. Those people not good for you and if you’re a business owner or looking to start a business, they’re really not good for you. Positivity and support is something that most business founders say they really needed when they got started. Everyone and their dog is going to take a dump on your dreams when you get started. “You’re crazy. Just get a job. There’s too much risk.” But in fact, these are the people you REALLY need to listen to because they’re the people who have the greatest chance of being right.