I Don’t Care About Your Daily Deal. Unsubscribe

A huge part of my week is spent just trying out new things. Whether it’s a new organizer app, a new email program or project management software, in order to properly guide my clients towards the right products, I like to play with them all. This means that every single week, my email gets entered into somewhere around…10-15 websites as a login or signup. This results in those 10-15 services contacting me. It also results in another series of contacts from other companies that I’ve never signed up for service with. Unfortunately, a lot of companies make a lot of money off of selling their contact lists. The result? I get a lot of emails from companies I don’t really want anything to do with from an email perspective, both those that I’ve signed up for and those that I haven’t. And what do I usually do? I delete that email and carry on. But not this week. This week I hit the magic button. Unsubscribe.
How much time do you waste JUST deleting emails you don’t care about. Some of these are things I signed up for. Example. Moores. Occasionally I want to know what Moores is offering on sale. But not weekly. And yet every week, Moores tells me, HEY, WE’VE GOT NEW SHIRTS ON SALE. I don’t really care. So? Unsubscribe.

Keep It Regular, People

One of the local services that I really like in Halifax, one that I subscribe to and regularly evangelize to many of my friends and followers is a service called GetGifted. If you’re not familiar with it, GET familiar with it. Essentially, you sign up (for free) and once a week (EVERY Tuesday) you get an email with the gifted list. The gifted list is a list of local companies that are offering you something (for free). Get it. Free. Whether it’s a $5 off coupon or a free something or other, the point is that every single week, on Tuesday, I get an email from them and they give me something free. I’ve used this to purchase a meatless philly cheese steak sandwich from Envie and a meat filled Iron Worker pizza from Little Freemans, not to mention two delicious coffees from Uncommon Grounds. But there’s one thing that GetGifted does exceptionally well that may get overlooked. To me, it’s not the free (although that helps) and it’s not the local (although I don’t need Papa John’s coupons, so that helps. It’s the “every Tuesday”.


Bonsai Trees, Three Year Olds and Building Blocks

A pretty solid portion of my day is spent trying to survive the constant mental and emotional attacks of my two children, aged 3 years and 6 months respectively. The rest of my day is split between running my two existing entrepreneurial endeavors and sleeping. I read a lot of articles about productivity, about startups and about business. I try to educate myself the best I can through what one would define as “legitimate means” however I’ve found over time that quite possibly the best teacher I’ve met in my 35+ years on this earth is my 3 year old son.
Now, we don’t have lessons. He doesn’t seem to be particularly brighter than most other kids, but that’s sort of the point. Children are honest and have perfect tunnel vision, honed into whatever it is they want. And on most days, that single thing that my son wants is to make towers with me. That’s it. He just wants to build towers out of blocks. Over time he has mastered structure building in its most rudimentary forms and has begun to create very unique structures that seem to test the laws of physics.