Writers Gonna Write…

Last night (depending on when I post this) I took my 8 day old baby girl to an event called Get Shit Done. It’s put on by The East Coast Creative Collective, an organization I’m involved with and that I frequently applaud for their awesomeness. Last night was no exception. I had a wonderful time with a whole wack of creative junkies including writers, illustrators, graphic designers and generally fantastic people. But last night, I had the pleasure of having my mind picked by someone working on a series of science fiction novels.


Tell Me A Story

Tell me a story. Please. For the love of god. Tell me a story. I’m a little bit sick of this. I read a lot of online articles. Blogs, articles, posts, e-zines, whatever you want to call them. I read them. And I love them. But I’m starting to get sick of the pattern I’m seeing a lot. Step 1: choose a number. Step 2: apply said number to something it would be useful to know (ie sleep better, be more productive, be better at general things). Step 3: write boring prose about those things. Rinse. Repeat. And I’m sick of it.


What Time Is It, Mr Wolf: Work Time

Last time you heard from me I was jabbering on about my mom building a table and me trying to make the next Pixar movie. More importantly, I think, I was talking about the reason people work. The big WHY? Are you in it because you have to be or because you want to be. Now, I’m going to talk a little bit about the how. Now, unless you have a VERY progressive employer, this advice is really just for the self employed but you should read this because you’re already pretty invested, right? What’s another couple hundred words. You might just learn something.

I don’t have a set schedule. I don’t work Monday to Friday, I don’t work 9-5 and I don’t take holidays. Now, that’s not to say that I never holiday. In fact, I holiday often. What I mean is that I have arranged by schedule so that I don’t have to “book” a vacation. Instead, I work when there is work to be done. I never “plug” away. I don’t punch a time clock, as you would expect from someone who is self employed. But I’ll tell you a secret. If I had a hundred employees, or a thousand, I would still do the exact same thing. And I would expect the same from them.

The Time Keeper: Throw Away Your Clocks

I just don’t have time.

I’m way too busy.

No time.

These are the sorts of things I hear from a lot of people lately. They’re true. They’re not false, necessarily. To put it another way, they’re not purposefully lying. However, they’re not actually right. I’m reading a really great book right now, for pleasure, something I don’t get to do nearly enough. It’s The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom. For those unfamiliar with Albom’s work, he’s actually a Detroit sports writer who has happened to became an incredibly popular and powerful writer on the subject of spirituality. His most famous works are Tuesdays With Morrie and The Five People You Meet In Heaven. I’ve read everything he’s every written. His books are short and well composed, which makes it much easier. Hist most recent book is a stunning look at time management from a very different perspective; that of “Father Time”.