Holistic Business: Take A Pill?

So, lesson one that I learned from my wife, the naturopath was that ignorance is bliss. In any case, this was not the only lesson that I learned about how holistic medicine relates to business. Not even close. And now we’re going to talk a little bit about headaches and other such things. Not the headaches of day to day life as an entrepreneur. Not the headaches of my life as a primary care giver to one of the most energetic children I’ve ever known. No. I’m talking legit headaches.

Holistic Business: Ignorance is Bliss

Everyone who knows me with any sort of depth is well aware that I have no formal medical training. This can be gleamed from my history of personal medial problems, my frequent questions regarding the subject and various stories surrounding my miniature human. However, my wife is a medical professional, a naturopathic doctor, and over the past 8 years, I’ve learned a lot. And lately I’ve started to realize that a business is a lot like the human body and that maybe a holistic approach is not a bad idea. So let’s talk about ignorance.

Ignorance is bliss. You’ve heard people say it, right? But have you ever experienced it? I have. Let me tell you a little story about food. My wife does a test that tells you what foods your body can’t process. It’s called a food intolerance test. Your body can only process foods that it has the right enzymes for, and so the other foods sort of get “stuck”. When your body fails to process them, the result is some sort of release, somewhere. Maybe it’s headaches, maybe it’s indigestion, maybe it’s acne. Whatever it is, SOMETHING has to give.


Zite and Flipboard: Peanut Butter and Jelly

For the last year or so, most of my extracurricular article reading has been of the online variety. Topics range from animation to typography, entrepreneurship to iOS. And almost all of that reading has been at the direction of two apps. Those two apps were Flipboard and Zite. I loved both of them, for different reasons.

I enjoyed Flipboard because of it’s specificity. I loved focusing in on a specific subject, be it Apps or Film or Design, and reading everything the internet had to share with me. I enjoyed Zite for the exact opposite reasons. I didn’t often focus in on individual topics but instead used the interests section to tailor my top stories into a formidable selection of articles. I loved the fact that could rely on each of these apps separately for very different purposes. And then a few days ago, Flipboard bought Zite.


These New Top Level Domain Names Are Terrible

I was online recently looking at registering a couple of domains for a couple of new projects. My domain registrar was VERY excited to tell me all about the new TLDs that had recently been made available, as well as some of the new ones that were coming up. For example, instead of blackice.com I can now register blackice.guru…or blackice.construction. Exciting, yes? No.
Like many people I am excited about some of the opportunities with unique vanity endings. The shift to using .ly (which is the domain for Libya) allow for some creative naming options (see fashionab.ly or visual.ly). I think that the push to create something new and exciting online, something that helps create a brand identity, is very important. But.

Hanging Up On Customers, Twitter Style

Some of the ways that people interact with the world online are mind boggling to me. Literally, the boggle my mind. I don’t think I’m particularly “judgey” but other people’s kids, you know? Recently I had the chance to pick a fellow social media guy’s brain on a variety of topics that included unicorns, school, shoes and revenge. But at one point we got on the topics of companies and how they use social networks. In particular we talked about our own personal experiences with brands and how they had failed us, from a social network perspective. I’m not going to go into too much detail on the particulars because he and I have scolded these particular shoe companies enough. The point isn’t what these companies did SPECIFICALLY but rather what they THINK about social media.


Networking: You’re Doing It Wrong

I’m a proud member of a local organization called the East Coast Creative Collective. As a member of their steering committee and their social media manager (my official title on the website is Commander Media Pants), I try to attend as many events as possible. These include both the “Drink and Draw” events which act as working meetings, a chance to do some work while you chat with other creatives, and the “Creative Meetups” which are opportunities to “network”. I specifically place the word “network” in quotations because, I’m sorry to say, I think almost everyone is doing networking 178% wrong.