Startup to Shutdown

If I were to pick one word that defined my business style and in fact, probably my overall view on life, that word would be collaboration. I prefer team sports over individual sports, choirs over solo acts and I love a good symphony. This concept permeates both my personal and professional lives. I love everything there is about collaboration. I think it offers the most obvious challenges from a business perspective because it requires getting everyone on the same page but I also believe it offers the most extraordinary opportunities for success beyond all conceivable measure. I love working with people. 


Dear Gatorade: You Don’t Know Hockey

I love hockey. Love. Despite growing up without playing, I recently took skating lessons and then went on to join the Halifax Co-ed Hockey League and am, on a really good day, not the worst player in the entire league. I love to watch hockey but no hockey is as important to me to watch as the World Junior Hockey Championships. I’ve been watching the best and brightest young hockey players we have represent our country with great pride. I’ve watched 18 year old men weep with joy at winning gold and sob with pain at losing it. Calling them men is a misnomer. They are boys. And no matter the result I always respect and admire these boys. And then came the commercial. 


Things I Learned From Listening To James White Talk

What does a social media fanatic who spends his days managing social media networks for his clients do in his spare time? He manages social media networks. Recently, I took over the various media feeds for an organization called E3C, the East Coast Creative Collective. Get it? 3 C’s… I was attracted to joining E3C for a while now due to their mandate of creative a community amongst…well…creatives. When they put out a call asking for someone to manage their Twitter account, I jumped at the chance to practice my craft while advancing the cause of a really tremendous organization. Thus was born my involvement with E3C. 
This involvement led me to recently listen to the 5th episode of the Life + Limb podcast by Chuck Anderson of @nopattern. Chuck’s most recent guest was James White, otherwise known as the brains and brawn behind @signalnoise. Chuck and James are both extremely talented artists in their own rights and it was fantastic to listen to two heavyweights of the industry, neither of which are too caught up in their own mythos. I learned about an hour and seventeen minutes worth of things but here are a couple that I really enjoyed and that match up nicely with my own personal viewpoint.

A Rube Goldberg Machine for Putting Your Foot in your Mouth

Online is a really big place. Sometimes you’re talking to someone that you think is an absolute superstar and you find out that they’re a 13 year old boy who’s really into Sailor Moon, sometimes you’re talking to someone that you think is a professor of physics at Harvard only to find out that’s just one of their personalities. And sometimes you tell someone a story only to find out that it’s actually their story. 
Enter GoldieBlox. It’s an amazing company that’s trying to bring science, specifically engineering, to the forefront of the female adolescent experience through some really cool toys. Recently they were front and center in the media due to a bit of a run in with The Beastie Boys. Basically, they parodied the song “Girls” and The Beastie Boys felt it was infringement of copyright law. Luckily, and this is not a common thing, both parties were able to check their egos at the door and get it resolved without any craziness and all was well.