753 Reasons to Use Small Numbers in Lists

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It’s getting a little ridiculous, no? I’m a big fan of lists. As any of you who read me regularly know, I’m a big film fanatic and one of my faves is High Fidelity. It’s a movie which, at the core, is about making lists. It’s about your top fives. It inspired me to create a list of my favorite 250 movies of all time, in order of preference. It was a silly idea and, even worse than that, I lost the list. But I can tell you my top three. 



Have you ever seen Glengarry Glen Ross? Well, first off, you should. It’s a movie with an absolute stacked cast. Pacino, Lemon, Baldwin, Arkin, Harris, Spacey and a few other character actors to boot. It truly is a stunning movie. A little bit thick on the offensive language front, but a classic film nonetheless. It’s a movie about the art of sales. Well, ok you got me, it’s actually technically a movie about the art of stealing, but behind the crime front is a film founded in the art of sales. There’s one particular line from the film that sticks with you. ABC. Always Be Closing. It’s the motto of their sales team. You are ALWAYS closing the deal. If you’re not closing the deal, someone else is. I live by a similar motto. ABC. Always Be Contenting


Dear Asics, We are Not Friends

I’m on Twitter. I know. Newsflash. I’m on Twitter for a couple of reasons. I like to hear what celebrities have to say about things that they probably shouldn’t talk about. I like to keep on current events in a manner that likely does not fit with the actual events in any way. I like to promote the work that I do and most importantly, I like to interact with my clients, both real and potential. And if you’re on Twitter with your business, you need to interact with your clients. Let’s review.
Boston Pizza. I wrote an article about how fantastic one of your servers was. You responded. You thanked me and you told me that you would tell the server that I was impressed. One gold star.

Future Shop. I wrote several tweets about how amazingly bad one of my customer experiences had been. You contacted me, put me in touch with the store manager, solved my issue and since that point, I’ve had nothing but good experiences at your store. Two gold stars.

Tweetbot. I complained about your new update and said I was going to switch Twitter clients due to a number of glitches. You responded, gave me some steps to fix the issue, they worked and (for now) I will continue to use your client. One gold star.