Empty Your Inbox

I have, and have always had, a lot of email addresses. I have always operated multiple email accounts for the various enterprises I have been involved with. I am currently using 4 separate email addresses including personal, work, group and project emails for the various endeavors that I’ve involved myself with. Some people have suggested that this is a terrible way to do things and others have always asked me, “how do you keep track of all your emails?” It’s easy. I don’t have any emails to keep track of.

My Boss Got an iPad… Finally…

I’ve been working with Apple customers over the past several years, specifically the front line employees that account for so much of a company’s workload, I was always astounded at the number of them that told me that their company would not allow them or, at the very least didn’t support, Apple computers. Apple’s share of the worldwide computing market continues to grow and they’ve grown to be the third largest provider of personal computers in the United States. So why has it taken so many companies so long to come aboard? The arguments vary.

You can’t do real work on an Apple computer. Oh, really? Both Microsoft and Apple make full functioning office suites including spreadsheets, word processors and presentation software. In fact, one of the main accolades given to Microsoft in regards to their most recent launch of Office is the fact that they’ve used the same basic interface and theme that iWork has used for their last 2 iterations. And Apple has been the weapon of choice for graphic designers and film professionals for the past decade at least. So, we’ve eliminated productivity as the deterrent to making the switch to Apple. What’s the next fallacy?


Research In Traction

If you’re an avid television watched you’ve likely noticed Research In Motion’s advertising campaign over the last couple of years. It shows small business owners telling stories about how important their Blackberry is to them and why they couldn’t possible do without it. The campaign really brings to light all of the failures that have permeated RIM over these las several quarters. Like an old boxer that thinks he’s got one more big fight left in him, RIM continues to drive forward in a ring they have no business entering. Many believed that wit the removal of Jim Balsille from their executive, things would be different. I’m here to tell you that until they “Think Different”, or at least “Think”, it’s business as usual and business is not booming.