A long time ago I worked in conjunction with an office in India. There was a particular individual who would respond to all requests with the following statement; “The needful has been done”. That line always stuck with me and now I use it as a sort of a personal motto.

At OneRedCat, I do what needs to be done. Whether that means building a website, teaching you how to manage your time, showing you how to check multiple mail accounts on your iPhone, making sure you don’t do something terrible on Twitter or helping you develop your personal brand, I’m up for it.

I combine technology, knowledge and passion in an all-encompassing experience. Put most simply, I do what I do best so that you can do what you do best. From managing a web development project from idea to launch or taking your social media strategy and building your brand, I’ll ensure that “the needful has been done”

How Do I Do It?

My passions include community, collaboration and entrepreneurship and I’ve helped a number of organizations succeed in these fields. I provide a completely customized and individually tailored user experience for every single interaction. Whether you’re looking for a hand with some basic copywriting or need some heavy lifting as I help you overhaul your entire business, I provide you with the same commitment to service.

I’m always interested in helping individuals succeed on their own. Whether you’ve been running a business for years or you’re interested in a little more information on how you can get started, I’m here to help. Get in touch today and let me know how I can help you make your dreams a reality through social media, web development, training or maybe just a friendly face and attentive ear.

Mike Tanner, Founder OneRedCat Social Media & Web DevelopmentAnd if you want to know what I think about almost every topic imaginable, read TheTalkingCat.

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